WinRar Password Recovery

Mega collection of the programs for breaking of RAR- of passwords

Collection of the programs for breaking of RAR-passwords. Programs allow to get access to the pss archive without a password.

Passware RAR key v7.0
In the work she uses a few methods, that allows to get wonderful results. True, Advanced RAR Password Recovery works slowly enough. Reason of it is good cryptographic defence of passwords in the archives of format of RAR. A selection is made at a speed of 75,000,000 passwords in a minute, not pravdali surprisingly quickly, such program met me on eyes in the first advise to load, in an economy such things always prigodyatsya.

O.S.: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinXP,Windows2000

I advise to get those who forgot passwords to the archives of RAR

Advanced RAR Password Recovery 3.01

Advanced Archive Password Recovery is the program for renewal of passwords to the archives of ARJ, ACE, ZIP/WinZIP, RAR/WinRARAdvanced Archive Password Recovery is the program for renewal of the lost passwords to the archives.

The followings formats are supported:
- ARJ/WinARJ (brute-force, dictionary, known-plaintext);
- ACE/WinACE (brute-force, dictionary);
- RAR/WinRAR of versions 2.0 - 2.8 (brute-force, dictionary);
- PKZIP to the version 4.0 (brute-force, dictionary, known-plaintext);
- WINZIP (assured breaking, if in the archive of 5+ files);
- The other ZIP-compatible archivings (brute-force, dictionary, known-plaintext)

Year of output: 2008
Platform: Windows® 2000/XP/Vista
Medicine is in an archive
Size: 3,62 MB

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WinRar Password recovery

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  1. Today I saw in the net a good tool-corrupt header repairing archive rar and I used it.I was very surprised because utility recovered all my old damaged rar files and made it in seconds and for free.Besides I knew how this tool uses advanced technologies to access and scan corrupted files in RAR format.


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