SNI - RAB Gedung dan Bangunan

Till now, analysis expense of in compilation of Rencana Biaya Pembangunan Gedung many applied by Analisa BOW ( Burgeslijke Openbare Werken) which is guide-book
colonization epoch product of Dutch. Because of the guidance is product year 1920-an, hence kadangkala many met by things that is less relevant if applied during now, for example work types that is a period of that has not there is while a period of now there are many applied, for example type pekerjan of alumunium cushion, ceramics floor tide, dllDemikian also set of material, past set of Portland cement still using barrel, now applies zak, or type informed against is last still using Kapur, now has seldom be found. Besides work type and set of material, also there is difference that is enough siqnifikan in the case of index magnitude.

Based on the considerations, time has come is my adjustment ( revision) BOW analysis, either from the angle of index, work type, and also set of material, to can accomodate the existing requirement and obtains work unit price which more reasonable.
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Garmin XT version 4.20.30wp For PPC Include Indonesia Map

With development of gadget GPS hence growing also application accompanying it like development of data POI. Special for in Indonesia, has growed trying community maps area indonesia, altogether free for the shake of people love indonesia to the nation and state.

Community hardly rapidlying grow especially updating it map is indonesia region .

Therefore we also figures in Garmin XT version 4.20.30wp along with keygen, that we all also able to be each other share data for beloved community and Indonesia public.....
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Alcohol 120% v1.9.8.7507 Retail + PatCh 4.0.0

Alcohol 120% is the CD & DVD emulation and recording program that will allow users to easily copy a visible and an invisible disc.
Alcohol 120% enables users to create 31 virtual CD & DVD-ROM to play discs without needing a physical disc, it also enables users to copy CD & DVD to CD-R / CD-RW / DVD-R / DVD-RW / DVD-RAM / DVD+RW. Alcohol 120% combines all functions of Alcohol 52% (CD & DVD emulation software).
Alcohol brings a new meaning to the word multimedia! It is without a doubt a leader in its class, bringing the ability to emulate and record CDs and DVDs together into one amazingly easy to use software program.

• Alcohol 120% enables you to make a duplicate back-up to recordable media of nearly all your expensive Game/Software/DVD titles, and/or an image that can be mounted and run from any one of Alcohol's virtual drives.
• No other software available enables you to create up to a staggering 31 virtual drives, allowing you to run your game images at over 200x faster than from a conventional CD-ROM. Alcohol 120% is a powerful utility that uses a unique combination of options to ensure a perfect back-up every time.
• All you need is a PC combined with a CD or a DVD burner. No more replacing your expensive original discs due to loss, theft, scratches, or other media imperfections. Your duplicate works just like the original; your entire collection can be archived and your investment protected.
• In the home: Have you had experiences with the common conditions of CDs/DVDs? They can easily get scratched, damaged, broken, lost or even stolen. Alcohol provides you with peace of mind and protects your investment.
• Your original games/program discs can be safely stored away. Alcohol-created images mean that you always have your expensive media stored safely on your hard drive for instant retrieval at the click of a button. No more searching for the correct game disc or software application install disc, everything is at your fingertips.
• You can now, for instance, simultaneously play your favourite game and bring up your route planner without having to eject and reload any physical discs, The 31 virtual drive ability of Alcohol means you can have the equivalent of a staggering 31 CD-ROM drives in your Home PC, all instantly accessible. You can simply and quickly run your Disc image at around 200 times faster than that of a conventional CD-ROM drive. If you need a program or CD it is immediately there - always ready to use!
• At the office: Program discs and many other applications generally require the original disc to be in the computer's CD-ROM drive. This restricts the amount of people in your office who can have access to the same software at the same time without the cost of additional discs. Alcohol's virtual drives resolve that problem for you. No more hunting around the offices for that elusive disc you need to run your application, everything you require is just a click away.
• With Alcohol you can store your CD images on your office server, your colleagues and employees at their respective networked workstations will never need to come asking for a CD again, they will not even require an expensive CD-ROM drive installed in their workstation PC! A simple click is all that is required for them to have full access to any disc image they require for their day to day work. Your valuable CDs can be safely kept under lock and key.
• Does your company have a promotional CD for it's customers? Original pressed discs are expensive, using the Alcohol 120% writing engine you can copy the original to inexpensive blank discs for distribution to your customers and keep your overheads down.
• Alcohol software offers unrivalled usage to people from all walks of life regardless of if you are a hardened game player, busy school teacher, salesman, IT manager, student etc. Alcohol has a niche in all your everyday computer needs. Let Alcohol help you to help yourselves and give you the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to expensive PC media.

Supported OS: Intel/AMD based PC with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Server2003/XP Professional x64 Edition/Server 2003 x64/Vista 32x and 64x operating system.

Changes in version, 2009-03-17:
- NEW Improved Dumping/Burning engine, better stability and speed
- FIX Issues with Vista User Interface
- FIX Bugs reported by some users
- UPDATE Some language files


Spb Mobile Shell v2.1.5 For PPC

Spb Mobile Shell is a famous application for windows mobile, it's to make PPC more user friendly...the last version is v2.1.5 has some changes from before version.
Main changes:
1. Alarm/notifications don't fire or terminated early
2. Talk button works from Spb Contacts now
3. Bug with Weather plugin (double menu) is fixed
4. Minimize All in Task manager
5. Option to hide menu after a programs is started
6. Professional Now screen displays correct number of weeks
7. Days having appointments are shown in bold on professional now screen
8. The current date is shown with frame on professional now screen (to look different from selection)
9. Improved plugins support
10. Move weather on square professional Now Screen

Version 2.1.5 (February 10, 2009):
* Improved Weather Support
* Backlight support for some new devices
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Manila 2D Skin For Spb Shell - PPC

1) Now Screen, Calendar page, Launcher Page, MRU Page, 3 Contacts pages. (Gesture left or right to get to the MRU and other Contacts pages.)
2) Selecting any of the Color Themes will result in a change in the Today wallpaper similar to the theme's background image.
3)Added additional Main Menu icons
4)Available in 3 colors.

Suggested Settings for this theme to work properly:
1) Go to SPB Menu > Settings > SPB Mobile Shell > [Now Screen Tab] > Layout = "Professional" > Click "Configure" button > Tick (check) "Show all day events" and "Show free appointments" Checkboxes AND Set "Alarm" to "Show always" and "Calendar" to"Auto"
2) To show the appointments/Calendar items on the Classic Now Screen Analog: Go to SPB Menu > Settings > SPB Mobile Shell > [Now Screen Tab] > Layout = "Classic" > Click "Configure" button > Tick (check) "Show curent and upcoming appointments.

- WM5,WM6 with QVGA
- SPB Mobile Shell v2.xx
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Mundu IM v4.0231 For PPC

Take your friends, colleagues and clients with you wherever you go. Chat, conference, share photos, transfer files and do a whole lot more, all within a single, easy-to-use interface.

View and chat with all your contacts across AIM?, Yahoo?, MSN?, Google? Talk, ICQ? and Jabber? within a single, easy-to-use interface.

Cross Conferencing
Invite friends, colleagues or clients across AOL, Yahoo and MSN to conference within a single chat window.

Photo Sharing
Share photos taken from your camera phone with friends and colleagues.

File Transfer
Transfer files from your mobile device to friends and colleagues.

Email Notifications
Receive email notifications for your Yahoo, MSN or Google Talk accounts on the move.

Smart Group Management
Organize your contacts by services.

Multi-lingual Chat
Chat with your contacts in European or Asian languages.

Expressive Chat Using Rich Text, Emoticons & Customizable Status
Customize the color and style of your chat text with a range of exciting rich text options and the ability to set customizable presence status across IM services.

Background Mode Support
Stay connected on IM while you are on the phone or accessing other phone functions. Choose to be alerted by sound or pop-up when your contacts come online or when you receive an IM.

Message Archiving and Chat History
Save your important chat conversations and view them later.

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Jarimatika - Cara Belajar Berhitung Menggunakan Jari Tangan

Jarimatika merupakan salah satu cara melakukan operasi hitung. Jika kita melakukan latihan berhitung secara berulang-ulang bersama dengan anak-anak kita --tidak perlu kuatir-- anak kita pasti menguasai ketrampilan ini dengan baik.
Saya yakin ini bukan hal baru. Sewaktu anak-anak kita masih bayi, dan kita mulai mengajarkan padanya berbicara, kita ucapkan satu kata dan menunjukkan maknanya berulang-ulang di hadapannya, misalnya kata: I-bu.

Dan kita melakukannya puluhan… ratusan…bahkan mungkin ribuan kali sebelum mendapatkan respon dari anak kita. Meski begitu kita sabar melakukannya
Respon seperti apapun yang muncul dari anak kita, senantiasa kita sambut dengan gembira dan pujian, seperti: ”Anak Mama memang hebat!” dan pujian-pujian sejenis dengan itu. Intinya: Selalu mengapresiasi anak dan memberikan dorongan semangat mencapai yang lebih baik lagi.

Bahkan seandainya responnya pun tidak sesuai dengan maksud orang tua, kita tetap memberikan pujian dan dorongan. Bukankah demikian? Lalu mengapa kemudian kita kehilangan kontrol saat membimbing anak kita memahami persoalan berhitung?? Kita cenderung menjadi tidak fair terhadap anak-anak ketika berurusan dengan berhitung dan juga Matematika pada umumnya?
Mungkin, sekali lagi mungkin secara tidak sadar kita membandingkan kemampuan berpikir anak dengan diri kita Atau melebih-lebihkan apa yang telah kita kerjakan, seperti “Bukankah Mama sudah mengajarkan padamu ratusan kali…” Benarkah demikian?
Atau jangan-jangan ketidak-sabaran kita itu representasi dari kebingungan kita untuk memahamkan kepada anak ketrampilan beritung dan Matematika?

Jika demikian, moga-moga Jarimatika dapat membantu Anda untuk bersama-sama anak mengenali proses berhitung dan tatacara berhitung dengan cara yang Mudah dan Menyenangkan.

Ebook ini merupakan sumbangsih dari ibu Septi Peni Wulandani dan untuk details nya bisa dilihat di

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