SNI - RAB Gedung dan Bangunan

Till now, analysis expense of in compilation of Rencana Biaya Pembangunan Gedung many applied by Analisa BOW ( Burgeslijke Openbare Werken) which is guide-book
colonization epoch product of Dutch. Because of the guidance is product year 1920-an, hence kadangkala many met by things that is less relevant if applied during now, for example work types that is a period of that has not there is while a period of now there are many applied, for example type pekerjan of alumunium cushion, ceramics floor tide, dllDemikian also set of material, past set of Portland cement still using barrel, now applies zak, or type informed against is last still using Kapur, now has seldom be found. Besides work type and set of material, also there is difference that is enough siqnifikan in the case of index magnitude.

Based on the considerations, time has come is my adjustment ( revision) BOW analysis, either from the angle of index, work type, and also set of material, to can accomodate the existing requirement and obtains work unit price which more reasonable.
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